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Workers Comp as a Business Growth Strategy and Competitive Advantage?

Your Next Breakthrough Starts Here

Most business leaders can’t even fathom how Workers Comp can be a business growth strategy… or even a Competitive Advantage.

 At McDonough Insurance Services, it’s the only way we operate!

Below you’ll find a growing list of resources, tools, strategies, and services to help grow your business. 

Not sure where to start or how to use these to grow your business? 

Call McDonough Insurance at (949) 361-8471 for a free Work Comp Risk SnapShot and Business Growth Strategy Session.

Compliance Guidance — Make sure your organization is compliant with the McDonough Insurance Workers Comp  Compliance Checklists and Templates™ to keep your organization operating safely and legally.

Insurance Brokerage — Get compliant quickly with the right mix of Workers Comp coverage. This isn’t a standard “transaction” like other brokers; we’ll apply our professional analysis to ensure the right mix of coverage.

Consulting To Businesses — Bring in McDonough Insurance for a short-term consult to help you eliminate risks, streamline your Workers Comp systems, and grow your business.

Update Services — Is your employee handbook a business risk? (It could be if not updated correctly.) McDonough Insurance will review your employee handbook and update it for you.

Courses —McDonough Insurance offers a number of courses to business owners, HR and Management, and employees. If you’ve been dreading these courses, you need to attend our courses to see the difference.

Speaking — Got an event for business owners, employees, or brokers? Mike McDonough will engage your audience in a way they’ve never experienced in a Workers Comp talk before!

Consulting To Brokers — If you’re a broker, find out how to improve your service, sales, and retention while serving your clients at a higher level. (Most brokers are overlooking huge opportunities to help their clients).

Work Comp Podcasts and Workshops


Taking Your Insurance Game to a Level Most Refuse to Go: The Ryan Hanley Show
I break down my philosophy on Workers’ Comp and what it takes to be the best at what you do.

The Comp Effect with Todd Thames: The King of Claims Triage
Todd and I discuss the importance of understanding and forward-thinking about Workers’ Comp.

The Insurance Bro Show: Protect Yourself Against The RIGGED Work Comp System
Listen and learn how to avoid waste, fraud, and paying outrageous Work Comp premiums.

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