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Do you have effective processes and checkpoints in place to prevent a minor workplace injury from becoming a more serious claim?

When a Workplace Injury Happens... Fast and The Right Response Matters.

Even with the best Safety Training and rapid injury treatment, workplace injuries are inevitable and can be very time consuming for employers, especially if there are no systems or procedures in place prior to the injury being reported.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s when an injury occurs.

Are you prepared?


Do you have effective processes and checkpoints in place to prevent a workplace injury from becoming a Work Comp Claim Nightmare?

Let’s look at What to do and Who is responsible when a workplace injury happens

The Importance of Having 24/7 Nurse Care Line In Place

When an injury occurs, the employee involved must tell their supervisor immediately. 

As soon as the injury is reported, the injured worker and their supervisor should call the 24/7 nurse line. 

Of course, if it is an emergency, call 911. 

Explain the injury to the nurse and they will recommend what to do next. The injured worker can always call back with any questions or concerns.

Employees Must Be Trained and Know Their Role & Responsibilities

Employees are expected to follow the steps below when they are injured on the job:

  • Immediately report the accident
  • Give your supervisor updates
  • Go to all scheduled medical appointments
  • After each doctor visit, bring the report of workability to the supervisor
  • If any issues arise, report them to the supervisor
  • At work and home, stay within restrictions

Accidents should be reported immediately for a few reasons. 

The injured employee needs to receive immediate medical attention and the incident should be reviewed to change any unsafe activities.

Communication between the injured employee and the supervisor is very important. 

Supervisors should do everything they can to make sure the employee doesn’t push themselves too far and the employee should make sure to attend every medical appointment. Employees should let their supervisors know if their job becomes too strenuous.

Supervisor Role & Responsibilities

In addition, all Supervisors must be trained and know what to do when a workplace injury occurs. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation
  • Help the injured employee Return to Work
  • Communicate with the injured worker
  • Follow up with HR
  • Make sure the injured employee doesn’t work beyond their limitations
  • Document everything that occurs
  • Follow medical instructions

HR Department Role & Responsibilities

  • Immediately report the claim if needed to the Work Comp Insurance Carrier
  • Provide payroll information and job information to the claims adjuster
  • Assist with Return to Work
  • Document everything and keep the files
  • Stay up to date with the injured employee, the supervisor and claims adjuster

Meeting Compliance Requirements for Workplace Injuries:

Reporting/First Report Online (FROL)/OSHA 300

Reporting your workplace injuries through First Report Online (FROL) or through your insurance carrier’s online filing system is a vital way to help you manage your employee injuries. 

Reporting on time can ensure your claim is processed in a timely manner, and save on the overall cost of claims.  

First Report Online makes filing a claim faster and easier. The system will automatically:

  • Auto fill all physician and clinic location details
  • Auto fill carrier and company department information
  • Allow you to run trend reports
  • Saves time
  • Send the First Report of Injury to:
    • Your Insurance Carrier
    • Company Management
  • Generate all OSHA reports including:
    • OSHA 300
    • OSHA Summary

For best results, have your HR manager complete FROL reporting. 

Employees may not understand the questions being asked or could alter the answers regarding how the injury occurred or how much they are being paid.

Effective and Efficient Claims Reporting is vital to control your Work Comp Costs and demonstrate genuine care and concern when an employee is injured on the job.

Are you open to a review and quick conversation about your Claims Reporting Processes?

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