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How Would You Know When It's Time to Take a Serious Look at Your Work Comp Program?

Exactly what are you doing to effectively prevent
workplace claims from happening?

And when Work Comp claims do happen,
how do you manage and minimize the costs of these claims?

Controlling and reducing your Work Comp claims and costs is all about two things:

  1.  Claims Prevention  
  2.  Claims Oversight and Review  

It’s simple… but not easy.

The right tools and knowledgeable, trusted advice make all the difference.

When you Prevent Work Comp Claims  from happening, and you Effectively Monitor and Manage Work Comp Claim Costs… 

You’ll Realize These Benefits:

Increase Your Profit

You aren’t a workers’ comp expert, and your broker probably isn’t either.

We will help you slash your costs 40% by fixing the errors every business makes.

Improve Safety

The best way to lower claims is to reduce injuries.

We will help you minimize both and get your employees back to work faster.

Prevent Litigation

Costly lawsuits can be avoided when injured employees are treated well. We create systems with features, like bilingual employee advocates, to reduce the chances of a worker hiring an attorney by 95% or more.

My Team and I have built an arsenal of proprietary tools, strategies, and systems to increase your profits. 

You’ll be shocked at how simple the workers’ comp process can be and how your operations will improve.

The Four-Step Proven Road Map to Turning Your Workers Compensation Program into a Competitive Advantage

Step 1: Gather Facts and Data

Loss Runs/Claims Paper Trail
Five Years Payroll History
Copy of Your Safety Manual
Copy, Review and Analysis of Your Employee Handbook

Step 2: Insights and Review Planning

Presenting and Enforcing Safety Training
Culture Shifting Recommendations
Getting Clarity on Changes to Make
Symptoms and Causes of Overcharges (Incorrect Classification Codes, Premium Audit Errors, Experience Modification Calculation Errors)

Step 3: Implementation of 

Implement Team Training
Identify Key Team Members Involved and Accountable
Schedule Timeline/Milestones
Set Up Nurse Triage for Initial Workplace Injury Reporting, Treatment, and assessment

Step 4: Streamline and Find New Profitability

Roadblocks/Blind Spots/Stressors Removed
Communication Flows without Resistance
injured Workers Back to Work Sooner
Substantial Improvement in Team Morale and Company Culture

It’s ALL About...

Helping You Take Care of Every Aspect of The Health and Well-Being of Your Valued Employees... Your Most Valuable Business Asset

The focus is on shattering misconceptions and blazing a new path for you regarding workplace safety, Work Comp Cost Control, Company Culture, and ultimately improved profits and a distinct competitive advantage.

My team and I work daily to shatter long held misconceptions about Workers Comp while protecting employers from waste, fraud, and outrageous premiums.

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27136 Paseo Espada #103 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
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